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Post Accident Initial Actions

At The Scene:

There are a number of things you can do at the accident scene, which will help you if you later decide to make a personal injury claim.

Retain your composure. Share insurance information and identification as necessary. Cooperate with police and insure that if they are taking statements from witnesses and other parties, and that they take your statement as well. Observe and record vehicle position and damage, traffic lights, traffic congestion, weather, lighting, etc. Try to recall collision impact. For example, did your glasses fly off; did you strike anything within the vehicle or were you tossed side to side or front to back Were you able to observe the “at fault” driver’s action before the collision. Was the driver talking on a cell phone or otherwise detracted?

Talk To No One:

Do not talk to anyone about your accident except your lawyer, your insurer or the investigating police officer.

Medical Treatment:

Ensure the initial medical history includes the date of the accident, accident facts, to include force of impact, and a description of vehicle damage. Ask your patient to relate all symptoms, regardless of significance.

Wage Loss:

Keep an accurate record of all time missed from work. Ensure medical records document work restrictions or periods the medical provider excused from work.

Medical Providers:

When seriously injured it is not uncommon to have treated with a number of specialists, surgeons and/or therapists. Keep a list of list of all providers, which includes who referred them, their clinic address and treatment performed.

Car Repair:

Do not have your vehicle repaired until pictures are taken.

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