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Post Accident Medical Treatment

Car Insurance Overview

In most states, auto insurance functions under a fault-based system. That is, the insurer for the “at fault” driver must compensate the injured parties if it can be proven its insured was the primary and overriding cause of the accident. In addition to claims against the “at fault” insurer, in thirteen states, CO, FL, HI, KS, KY, MA, MI, MN, NJ, NY, ND, UT, injured parties are able to assert a claim with their insurance company for “No-Fault” benefits. Under the no-fault system the injured person may be eligible for immediate medical and wage loss benefits without regard to accident liability.

No Fault Insurance

In those no-fault states, if you or your patient has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, generally the injured person’s no-fault automobile insurance will cover medical expenses, wage loss and other related benefits. Although determining the amount of coverage available is relatively straight forward, maximizing available benefits and arbitrating disputes can be problematic.

Additionally, when the injured person is not insured, is a passenger, or is a minor, identifying the proper insurer can be complex. In either case a consult with an attorney would be beneficial.

If no-fault coverage is not available, you or your patient must look for other insurance coverage. First consideration would be given to the medical pay provision in your automobile policy. If you are uninsured then review coverage under your personal health insurance policy. If there is absolutely no insurance is available, your provider may agree to hold collection on your bill until your underlying personal injury claim settles. If that is not an option you may be eligible for state or federal health care programs.

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