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Workers Compensation Attorney

Do I Need A Workers Compensation Attorney

When Should an Injured Employee Consult an Attorney?

Many states have developed systems designed to allow injured employees to litigate disputed claims without the need for an attorney. Certainly it is every injured employee’s right to appear “Pro Se.”  However, Workers’ Compensation law remains one of the most complicated areas of the legal system and legal assistance is often required.

An injured employee should receive competent legal advice if one of the following things occurs:

  1. The injured employee is not certain about the rights and benefits of workers’ compensation.
  2. If the Employer/Insurer is misinforming the injured employee.
  3. If the injured employee has received a severe injury with the need for prolonged treatment, wage loss benefits, and/or vocational rehabilitation benefits.
  4. If the injured employee has been denied a workers’ compensation benefit.

Many injured employees are concerned whether they can afford an attorney. Nearly all workers’ compensation attorneys will provide a free consultation to an injured employee. Information will be compiled by the attorney and a recommendation will be made on whether or not to retain legal counsel.